Lisa Frattone

Lisa is a happy, stay-at-home mother to two young boys, both adopted domestically. After three years, numerous rounds of IVF, surgeries for endometriosis and lots of prayer, Lisa and her husband made the decision to choose adoption to grow their family. Within months of signing on to adopt, their first son was born. Almost four years later, after a miscarriage and a failed adoption (and even more prayer), their lives were blessed again with the birth of a second son, also adopted.

Throughout the whole process of building their family there were many ups and downs. Lisa describes the adoption process as one of the more difficult things she's been through, but she'd live through all the hard times ten times over to get to the amazing end result. Through scripture, prayer, worship, along with the support of family and friends, Lisa made it through a difficult journey to motherhood. God's perfect plan for her and her family has been fulfilled through adoption and she can't imagine her life any other way.