Kate Clayton

Kate is a stay at home mom with a big heart for children, especially orphans. Kate and her husband, Jason, endured the deaths of their first two biological sons before God blessed them with a beautiful daughter and son.

 Kate and Jason both thought their family was complete until God showed them differently 5 years later when He placed adoption on their hearts. Kate immediately set out to discover ways to raise money to fulfill this calling to adopt. She had no idea how God would work in her and bless her through the making of jewelry.

 Kate and Jason have been blessed to adopt a beautiful daughter and son from Taiwan. With four children to take care of and a husband in the ministry, Kate stays really busy. However, she is still able to continue her quest to advocate for orphans by continuing her jewelry making at home and helping adoptive families with fundraising.

You can find her shop, The Adopt Shoppe, on Etsy.

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