Kristi Lyons

Hi there! My name is Kristi and I have been married to my awesome husband for 8 years. We live in San Diego with our two crazy dogs.

After years of infertility, in 2012 we decided that we were going to adopt and we were going to adopt domestically. This road of adoption has changed me in ways I would've never dreamed of. It has brought me my highest of highs and lowest of lows. After experiencing a failed adoption in August 2013, my world was turned upside down. As I felt like the lights were turned off and I was completely alone, God revealed to me that he has been on this journey with me from the very beginning. Even when I felt he wasn't there, he would leave "breadcrumbs" for me that would push me to persevere and keep moving even if it meant crawling. The beauty of this journey is that everyday is a new day and there are others on this road with you.