Andrea Taddicken

Andrea is a wife and mama, the two roles that make her world go 'round. When her boys are at work and school, she fills her hours sewing her heart out, drinking iced tea and doing her best to live with joy in the everyday! Life outside her sewing room is filled with all the duties that go along with being CEO of her household. After all of that, if she still can find a little time, she love to run, read, bake, embroider, eat and shop … but not necessarily in that order.

A self-confessed control freak whose life plan got turned upside down when having another child did not work out anything like it did the first time. Through the waiting {and she's still in the waiting} she's learned what it means to truly have joy in Lord and to come to a place of thankfulness for the journey ("Blessed are those who persevere under trial ..." James 1:12) He has given her to walk. Her own desires for another child have turned to His desire for her life and living that out in a way that glorifies its Author!

You can find Andrea at her blog, Knitty Bitites.

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