Courtney Lott

Courtney Lott is a proud mama of 7 children, both biological and adopted.  She is also the owner of Faithful Adoption Consultants, a referral and advocacy service for domestic adoption.  

Courtney and her husband, Emory Lott, know loss well.  They have experienced 13 miscarriages in 10 years.  The Lord had already led Emory and Courtney to adoption before it became apparent that carrying biological children to term would be difficult.  They have adopted 5 of 7 of their children. 

Courtney is passionate about educating others about domestic adoption, openness in adoption, transracial adoption and special needs adoption.  

Courtney resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and children.  She works from home running her adoption consulting firm!  She has adopted 3 times domestically and twice through foster care.  She is a proponent of open adoption whenever possible, and has open adoptions with many of her children's birthmoms.  She will be sharing about Open Adoption and Special Needs Adoption in Domestic Adoption!